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In our fifth and final wanderlust series we're chronicling the travels of our great friend Alice. Alice is a set, costume and production designer working with the Sydney Theatre Company (at the moment she's working on the acclaimed Gross und Klein starring national treasure Cate Blanchett!) as well as the best creatives in theatre and film. We love her wandering spirit, which has seen her sent abroad for work and for pleasure, across time zones and hemispheres and also to her family's farm in new south wales. We, too, love travelling long distances to far flung places to discover the new and to the locations that are close to our heart to reconnect with everything that means something us. Travel should always be equal parts of both these things, we think, and Alice has the perfect mix of that.  We're so excited that she's sharing her travelling stories and pictures with us all.  

All photos by Alice Babidge

one. favourite holiday destination

My job rarely allows for time off so I haven't had a real holiday in years, I'm not even sure I would know what to do anymore.... Fortunately, I often find myself abroad and away from home with work so that has become my version of a holiday. In the last little while I've spent time in New York, London, Paris (and a train ride of towns between) and a brief stint in Germany. BUT if I lived a different life I would be struggling to choose between the English countryside (I have an unnatural love of Somerset) and my family's farm on the south coast of NSW. Pastoral. Private. Green. Both loud and quiet. Never mind the season. In both instances.

two.  dream place you haven't been yet

Reykjavik. Iceland in general. All over. I have friends who live there and regularly send photos of their lives and adventures. The massive expanses of space seems crazy to me. The landscape is simultaneously magical and some of the most achingly real that I have ever seen. Plus I'm gagging to spend some time with those Northern Lights. Closer to home, it's a little embarrassing I have never investigated the Northern Territory.

three. five essential items

one. Sunglasses. My favourite Celine's protect me from the sun, early mornings, windy days and provide just the right amount of comfort, darkness and privacy for plane, train, bus, car or beach sleeping.

two. A novel. Preferably one I've read before for ease and familiarity while holidaying; Little Women, Franny and Zooey, and Roald Dahl's Boy. In reality, it's a stack of scripts and a notepad.

three. Hats. Summer or winter. My panama keeps my pale skin out of the sun and my seriously battered Margiela felt protects me from the wind and rain - I have a strange phobia of umbrellas.

four. My iPhone/iPad. Deeply tragic. The most helpful and annoying thing I own. A source of music, visual documentation and navigation along with its unreal ability for all and sundry to find me.

five. A really big bag. I never travel light. I wish I was different but I've come to accept this tragic reality. I like to be prepared for any and all things and I panic that the one thing I don't have is the one thing I will need. Especially when it comes to carry on and long days out. I never want to be left in the lurch so I pack accordingly or buy along the way. Either way, storage is super important.

four. best travel companion

My best friend Claire. We spent two of the funniest days of my life in London this year - the combination of ignoring all work, trying to buy her a wedding dress and the addition of brand new accents almost sent me over the edge. We are the perfect, ever encouraging balance of hysterical, annoying and hopeless, can drink margarita's until we fall and almost, after all these years know when to leave each other alone.

five. travel playlist

Mood dependent, today it would be:

Tea Lights - Lower Dens
Palaces of Montezuma - Grinderman
Far Near - Jamie XX
Dirty Rain - Ryan Adams
Two Hearts - Bruce Springsteen
Get It Together - Beastie Boys

BUT if I'm lucky, my friend Benedict will have made one for me...

And that's it! If you haven't already seen them, you can see our earlier wanderlust series with Anna, Giselle, Linlee and Natalie here. Now it is most definitely time for a holiday!
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