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BENAH LOVES | Shortgrain

photos: Benah

A couple of weeks ago now team Benah converged upon Shortgrain for a relaxed Christmas lunch full of warm spices and drinking coconuts - a happy juxtaposition on a dreary day (where is summer, seriously?). The seasonal menu changes daily and we were lucky to enough to get some gems - the green curry, smooth and tasty, a glorious chicken in plum sauce and a shredded salad with squid and a sweet chilli sauce. We love the relaxed atmosphere there, perched up on a high table we worked our way through the food and some tasty dairy-free caramel custard desserts and chatted about everything and nothing. It's been a big year for Benah, and we loved celebrating everything that has happened while still looking forward to next year. We hope you had lovely Christmas celebrations at your offices, and are gearing up for some more this weekend with friends and family.
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