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In the mood for natural fibres this Summer? So are we. This Christmas go for classic shades of fawn, navy and tan (with a few stripes and a bright orange thrown in for good measure) and you can't go wrong. Here is Hannah-Rose, blogger at Capture the Castle's Benah Christmas gift guide. She has all fingers and toes crossed for some of these to materialise on the 25th!

The ideal gift for the girl with lots to carry. Imagine this on a Sunday, a bunch of peonies poking out of a corner, the papers, a baguette and a bottle of cordial, heading off to a park for an early morning picnic. These dreams could become reality on the 26th, the 27th, the 28th, the 29th... Provided that this has a nice red bow wrapped around it at Christmas-time..

We've already talked about the Lola in Pistachio, but the Lola in Canvas Stripe is all kinds of amazing too. The intrepid traveller will love its capacious interior perfect for filling up with tickets and passports and all of that stuff, and by evening it's ready for a night out. What a hard-working little clutch bag!

We've always thought navy blue was a much more interesting take on black. It has a little more depth to it. So for the girl with a little more depth to her, think about offering a pair of our classic Ryder sandals in navy blue. These are a summer must have. Email for more information.

four. Future Past Fringe Silk Scarf - $120 email to purchase

This little whisper of a scarf combines that luxuriously soft feeling of silk/cotton blend, the graphic summertime shapes of the Aztec-inspired pattern, all lines and triangles and diamonds, and the glamour of a trailing fringe, blowing in the wind. 

Orange is probably the world's most underrated colour. The poor things languishes behind other neon brights, a pretty wallflower overshadowed by the much-adored Red and the universally flattering Pink. But we love Orange. We love it's Summery-fizz, it's undying optimism, it's warm weather depth. This tote bag is an ideal gift for all the Orange-lovers out there - we know you exist!

And that's it! We hope we've helped you nail down your gifts and wishlists this season. Happy Holidays!
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