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In collaboration with the Desert X Art Festival, 16 artist's have installed striking artworks across the arid landscape of the Coachella Valley just outside of Palm Springs. American artist Doug Aitken’s top to bottom mirrored house would have to be our favourite.

The Mirage sculpture is modelled on a ranch-style suburban American house but is composed of 100% mirrored surfaces reflecting the surroundings and camouflaging the structure.

Aitken reconfigured the idea of the suburban home by removing its inhabitants and their possessions. He has done away with the doors and windows so the structure is not private or secure. Inside, the reflective surfaces create a kaleidoscopic effect intended to evoke confusion rather than comfort.

"Mirage distills the recognisable and repetitious suburban home into the essence of its lines, reflecting and disappearing into the vast western landscape," - Doug Aitken

Desert X opened 25 February 2017 and runs until 30 April 2017
Aitken's Mirage will remain in place until 31 October 2017
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