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WANDERLUST | with Giselle

What we look for in a stockist is a range of modern, high-quality labels, a clear and informed sense of style and a design mission that is at one with our own. Mychameleon is all of these things, and more, and so is their buyer Giselle. Giselle has faultless taste and an incredible eye for the up-and-coming - Mychameleon seamlessly fuses an intelligent range of Australian brands like Christopher Esber, Arnsdorf and us (of course) with a small but perfectly formed international edit, with the big guns from Rachel Comey and Sophomore sharing hanger space with small Italian accessories label TL-180 and Danish separates brand Stine Goya. Giselle travels the world to ensure Mychameleon offers a truly transnational range for customers - you are just as likely to find a dainty bracelet from a New York-based jewellery company as you are to find a peachy-pink sweater hand-knitted in Australia. Giselle's wanderlust directs her work and enriches her life and she's the perfect person to be featured in our wanderlust series. Oh, to get on a boat and do nothing but sail!

one. favourite holiday destination

The Greek islands – in July it was my first time traveling through Greece and the Greek islands and I loved it so much I found myself inquiring with real estate agents to secure a chalet – apparently the crisis had not hit the islands yet. It is magical, the water, the weather, the food and spending the day at beaches that no one would dare to hike to.

two. dream place you haven't been yet

Morocco - four years ago I remember sitting in this little cafe in Paris and meeting this Moroccan socialite, she was ever so glamorous yet with a bohemian undertone, the way she described Morocco made me fall in love. Recently my friend traveled to both these places for design inspiration and her visual diary is a creative delight.

three. five essential items

one. Keihl's Argan Body Lotion & 50+ sunscreen. Holidays mean that we are by the ocean and in the sun. Keihl's 50+ sunscreen (I got in Dubai - not available in Australia apparently) is light weight and perfect for my face and neck which I try not to expose to the sun at all. And after a long day in the salty water, I treat my skin with the Argan moisturizer to keep it moist and glowing.

two. Bikinis. About a quarter of my suitcase is filled with bikinis - mostly Tigerlily, Mikoh and Lisa Marie Fernandez. I wear them as undergarments. Even on buying trips I carry a few - never know where you might end up.

three. EVO Salty-dog spray. I try to stay away from blow dryer’s or anything that damages my hair while on holidays, everyone needs a break and this spray is my savoir, it is free of all those bad chemical but makes me presentable enough for a night out.

four. Blackberry & Mac book. This is what allows me to go on holidays, without these, it would be impossible. I take photos and make notes on my blackberry to document travels– I prefer to travel light during the day.

five. A smile. Though not tangible this has to be one of the most powerful and universally understood gestures you can give someone (in my opinion, of course). I seem to get anything I want just by smiling. It also opens you up to a better experience.

four. Best travel companion

Definitely my husband, Pete, he is an absolute work-a-holic so when he is on holidays he is up for just about anything - almost as crazy as me. We are not ones to sightsee instead we'd rather mix in with the locals and live as they would. We also try not to do any fine dining – the grittier the place, the better. Clearly getting on a boat is allowed.

five. travel playlist

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