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EXHIBITION | China Heights 'Works On Paper'

Need something for the art lover or maybe just a special gift for yourself? Then check out China Heights new exhibition Works On Paper 2015. The annual showcase features 43 Australian & international artists and opens 11th December.

Anthony Lister 'Untitled Portrait 1'. Original work on paper 2015.


Kyle Montgomery 'Clouded Thoughts'. Original work on paper 2015.

$400.00 / Sold Out

Gemma O'Brien 'Not That Kind of Hurl'. Original work on paper 2015.


Sean Wadey 'So Below'. Original work on paper 2015.


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Frida Gustavsso photographed by Stef Mitchell

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Eli Craven is super cool. Her art works are super cool. Part collage, part sculpture, what's not to love right? And you know how much we love collage.We especially love her series entitled 'Screen Lovers'
'This project started with my discovery of the book "Screen Lovers" by Anne Billson, (Conran Octopus/St Martin's Press, 1988). The images within the book's pages are of romantic, sexually charged film stills throughout movie history. As I looked through them, I really wanted to see them come together, touch lips, make love, whatever comes next, so I followed my instinct and started folding them into one another.' - Eli Craven

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Welcome to Benah Bookclub. Where we explore books we love, own or admire and celebrate independent and interesting publishers, books stores and sites. Owning beautiful books is one of the great joys in life. Print is not dead, just more luxurious!

 Strange Plants Collector's Edition

Publisher/Copyright : Zioxla
Editor : Zio Baritaux
Design : Folch Studio
Pages: Strange Plants II 148 pages
Cover: Custom card stock slipcase
Publication Date: September 2015
Language: English

The Strange Plants Collector's Edition includes the award-winning Strange Plants, Strange Plants II, and is a celebration of plants in contemporary art. The two books feature the work of 55 artists—from oozing paintings of rotting cacti to eerie, mesmeric photos of the leafy kudzu vine—and discusses the role plants play in the artists’ personal lives. Each artist’s work is accompanied by an insightful article or interview that delves deeper into the relationships between plants and people.
Designed by Folch Studio, an award-winning design house in Barcelona, which also developed Apartamento magazine, the Collector's Edition was printed in a limited run and will not be printed again. Lucky for us we managed to get ourselves a copy before it sold out.

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One's interest in art is deeply personal. You may be drawn to something that another is repelled by or vice versa. Love it or hate it, you don't really need a reason. Art just needs to make you feel something. The most important thing is to let yourself be lead by emotional. Maybe the meaning will come later, maybe it wont?

In this world we need to keep surrounding ourselves with art. In our Art series we will introduce you to some artists we have discovered and love.
Artist : Isabell Yellin
Born : New York City 1987
Currently Resides : London UK

Born and raised in New York, Yellin moved to London in 2013 to pursue an MFA in painting at the Royal College of Art.  Having just completed her second solo show at Vigo Gallery, her new works occupy a space between painting and sculpture. They are begging to be touched, fondled almost. Is it soft? Is it hard? You don't really know until you are up close. And you really need to get up close to see it for all its simple complexity. Much like us humans I suppose?
“They’re skin and bone, but they’re synthetic, the fake version of it. They’re body-like, but they’re also completely foreign. They’re square and rectangle like a painting should be, but they’re also sculptural. They contradict themselves. They’re uncomfortable.” - Isabell Yellin

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Welcome to Benah Bookclub. Where we explore books and publications we love, own or admire and celebrate independent and interesting publishers, books stores and sites. Owning beautiful books is one of the great joys in life. Print is not dead, just more luxurious!

UNCONDITIONAL is the new kid on the bi-annual block. And WOW we have fallen in LOVE.
Two issues down and both times they have managed to capture the female zeitgeists of the moment on their cover.  Issue One / Bella Hadid and Issue Two / Say Lou Lou

un•con•di•tion•al : not limited in any way : complete and absolute
Publisher: Independent / NYC
Creative Director : Alexandra Nataf
Managing Editor : Nicholas Goodman
Fashion Director : Ilona Hamer
Pages: 178
Cover: Soft (Magazine)
Publication Date: Bi-Annual
Language: English

Check out their Instagram  & pre-order issue two here
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