5:43 pm


So first it was mirrored sunglasses, now we're going to let you in on our exclusive taste-making suggestions for next season... Camo. That's right. Camo. Not just things in khaki or army-green, but proper patterned camouflage print. Pants, jackets, skirts, shirts... We're fans of it all. Those puzzle pieces of shaded greens, neutral beiges and dark navys and blacks are so compellingly easy to wear. Could this be the next denim? You can definitely pair it with anything, from mesh sweaters to worn-in tee shirts to tailored blazers. You can dress it up or dress it down. You can definitely double up on camo pieces like you can with denim. It looks great with navy blue, burgundy and tan - three of our favourite colours for next season. We can't see any problem here. So please excuse us while we head over to the Army Surplus store. Right. Now.
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