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BENAH LOVES | Little things

all photos: Benah
1: Benah Large Zip pouch, Medium Zip pouch, coin purse, 2: Tulips!, 3: Kodi cuff in Bordeaux and Blush, 4: Orion belt in black and holographic, 5: Kodi cuff in Pistachio and Navy blue

As we try to keep warm in our studio today we're focusing on the little things. We love our little zip pouches - large, medium and coin purse sized - for keeping everything organised. A holographic belt is the best way to bring a little bit of excitement to a winter outfit of snuggly charcoals and navy blues. Bunches of flowers always brighten up winter days, as do our favourite Kodi cuffs in the new season colours. We're not sure which one we like the best, but today we picked Pistachio, to remind us of what Summer looks like.

To place an order on the Orion belt in holographic or black or the large zip pouch, medium zip pouch or coin purse in bordeaux email
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