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THIS IS MY CITY | Katerina's Mexico

Mexico. Technically a country, but, as our guide's author Katerina argued - I'm going to answer them as if we are speaking about Mexico as a whole, rather than Mexico City... I think Aussies travelling here tend to do a few cities. And she's the Mexico expert so we let her run with it! Mexico is on the top of our must-visit list at the moment. How could it not be? Beautiful vistas, delicious food and the chance to immerse yourself in a different culture. This is Mexico, by Katerina.

All pictures by Katerina Bacchiaz

 Convent of San Miguel de Allende at night

one. Best thing about Mexico? The people, the colours and the food. Mexico is full of vibrancy and surprises lie at every turn.

two. Worst thing about Mexico? The traffic! Mexicans are nuts on the roads.

 three. Favourite secret spot? The Convent in San Miguel de Allende. It was built in 1745 but has now been converted into this amazing open space which houses art from established and emerging Mexican artists. A really interesting spot to spend an afternoon and I always think the best souvenir to take home is great art. If you have time you can also take a still life, sculpture or dance class.

four. Favourite everyone-knows-it-but-it's-still-good spot? Taxco. My favourite "pueblo magico". It's a tiny little city built up on hill in Guerrero which is famous for its silver. There are street vendors everywhere selling their wares and even Frida used to visit for her amazing jewelry.

Blue agave en Tequila

five. What is your newest discovery in your city? What about somewhere you've been going since forever but can't quite give up? Tequila! Recently went to there for the first time and fell so in love. A really beautiful cobble stoned town surrounded by blue agave as far as the eye can see. If you're feel adventurous you can take the "Tequila Express" for a day trip train ride accompanied by all you can drink tequila and a tour of a tequila factory. Totally cliche but super fun right?

 six. Where is the best place for.... morning coffee? meal with friends? romantic rendez-vous? late night drink? even later-night boogie? At the beach, La Leche is incredible in Puerto Vallarta. For fun with friends I suggest Anita Li in Guadalajara. Super cool space and the best duck tacos and tamarind margaritas. Also El Rey is a local Mezcaleria that only serves Mezcal and beer (only if you're in for a big night!). In Mexico City the degustation menu at BIKO in Polanco is phenom and the rooftop pool deck and bar at Habita is definitely worth a visit.

seven. Where are your city's style spots? Where is the best shopping? In my eyes, markets are where it's at. "Tianguis", as they are called here, are in every city and always have the best handicrafts. At the moment I have a total soft spot for anything day of the dead related.

 Skeletons and marzipan fruits at the markets

eight. What is something you can get/read/experience/eat that you can only do in Mexico? The taco stand! They are everywhere and open 24/7. Be it a midnight snack, a hangover cure or just lunch in general, you're bound to have an amazing meal there and meet a few locals.

nine. You can tell a lot about a city from their airport. Describe your city's. Unfortunately you're right....Mexico's airports have a lot to say about the place. Expect long queues, delays and dodgy taxi drivers. Take a moment to adjust to the Mexican pace and you'll be fine.

ten. How would you describe your city to someone who has never been there before? Chaos. Just take a deep breath and jump right in.

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