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Nicole not only happens to be an amazing photographer and an incredible multi-tasker (uni and blogging and interning oh my!) but she was also the 1000th fan of Benah, so she has a special little place in our heart. We love her blog Confident Liar, where she shares photos from her life including, but not limited to, drool-worthy sandwiches and days at the beach. What could be better? Here, Nicole shares her ten favourite things this month.

All photos by Nicole Cooper unless indicated

one. a simplified wardrobe 

I’ve recently discovered the magic of being able to throw on a singular garment and simply pair it with minimal accessories and little else. It really is a wonderful feeling to be wearing something so uncomplicated and relaxed. My top three pieces on high rotation this month are my Sara Phillips printed dress, my Josh Goot buttery soft suede tank and my perfect go-to dress by Lindsey Thornburg. 

two.  Society6 (


A creative website filled with ridiculously amazing artworks available in prints, iPhone cases, stretched canvases and more. You could spend hours on the site and yet still not finish discovering all that there is to see.

 three. Homemade Ice Cream

There’s nothing quite like making your own ice cream. The process itself is quite soothing and the promise of a delicious dessert to share with your friends is always an added bonus. I was recently given a machine for my Birthday and ever since, haven’t been able to stop myself from searching for new flavours to try out. So far we’ve made Lavender, Vanilla Bean and French Chocolate but my next attempt will be one a friend suggested, Strawberry Basil. 

A 21-year-old film photographer from Czech Rebulic whose tumblr I just can’t get enough of.

five. Open-toe sandals and golden accents

Light, comfortable, summertime accessories that you can wear with just about anything. I love the idea of being able to slip off your sandals to dip your toes in the ocean and then easily putting them back on (sandy feet and all) before you head off to your favourite beachside café for a late afternoon meal.

six. A hint of what’s hidden underneath

It’s taken me some time to come around but this month I’ve fallen in love with lacy undergarments peeping through sheer shirts and strategic cut outs. In this instance, less is definitely more and so a little glimpse of lace is really all you need. 

seven. Autumn/Winter 2012

 thursday sunday look book

Don’t get me wrong, I love summer more than any other season, but I just can’t go past a good Autumn/Winter collection. Thick heavy coats, skirts that just graze the floor and a pair of simple black boots are what I would consider to be the perfect pieces. This year I’m particularly excited about the collection from Melbourne based label Thursday, Sunday. In fact, I just may have already pre-ordered the skirt pictured on the left.

eight. Clover Café in Annandale

Hearty meals filled with roasted veggies and basil pesto followed by vanilla milkshakes made from dollops of Greek yoghurt? It really doesn’t get much better than that. When I first laid eyes upon the cute little café nestled on a side street in Annandale, I just knew I was in love. Anyone else salivating just a little bit?

nine. Getting film developed

February marks the last month of my Uni holidays as well as the time in which I gather together all of my undeveloped rolls of film from summer. If I have a spare moment then I’ll develop it myself, otherwise I make my way across to Big W. Yes you read that correctly, Big W. It’s a not-so-secret method that many of us photographers use because it’s quick, cheap and the quality is surprisingly good. For me, the best part of the entire process is never really the photo taking or the developing, but instead when I pore over my prints for the first time. All of that uncertainty suddenly turns into a wave relief as I realise that the entire roll of film turned out beautifully. 

ten. Entire days spent by the beach.

Simply making the most of those last few days of summer sunshine. This involves devouring burgers that are almost as large as your head, drinking sugary slurpees from the closest 7Eleven and heading home with sunkissed skin and salty hair.

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