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This month Jessie from We The People, an incredible fashion photography, commentary and street style blog, is sharing her top 10 things with us. We love her so much and think she is the most talented photographer - equally as gifted with profiles and street style (hello Brenda, our Creative Director!) as she is with still life and portraits. She's also a bit of a babe, running around town in leather skirts and crisp white tees and sandals, searching for the best new sydney fashion. With her blonde-as-anything hair and sunny outlook we knew she would be perfect for a warm weather month. So, without further ado, here are Jessie's favourite things for January. 

1. Beautiful candles and dainty rings

I've been obsessed with adorning myself in dainty rings for a while now. Heart rings, knot rings, delicate knuckle rings - I have them all. I pile on the exact same combo every day and I love it. And I've been obsessed with beautiful candles for even longer, although I don't indulge in this vice as often because it seems so hard to justify something that you just burn away. Nevertheless I have candles in every room, and this Curio Noir handcrafted candle is next on my list.

2. The Beginners

It's nothing I'm proud of - but I've developed a short attention span when it comes it films. I think it's the combination of too much half hour entertainment (Seinfeld etc) and the number of crappy films which are churned out every year. So when a real gem comes along I get pretty excited. Directed by Mike Mills, it's a story about love, happiness and death without being the least bit predictable.

3. New diaries

One of the best things about the start of a new year. I love purchasing stationary, and choosing which diary will organise my year ahead is the most fun of all. Leather bound, filled with crisp pages so clean and unmarked. This year I have three - a weekly diary, one with blank pages for inspiration and a small one which I carry with me everywhere.

4. Supreme Hats

Maybe it's the 90's resurgence, maybe it's my love of hip hop. Either way, I'm all about Supreme hats right now. My lovely boyfriend brought me a navy wool cap for Christmas, and I'd wear it every day if I could. Plus it's the perfect source of shade for my fair head at the beach.

5. Low key holiday destinations

My friends and I went to Culburra for New Years - a sleepy beach town three hours south of Sydney and it was idyllic. We slept in, lay on the beach all day, cooked barbeques in the evening, and drank on the deck well into the night. It was so good to just do nothing with good friends; easily the best holiday in a long time.

6. Leather separates

I incorporate leather into my daily outfits more often that not, and yet it never feels repetitive. It's just so functional, chic and versatile. Australian brand Kahlo creates the most beautiful leather pieces and I can't wait to get my hands on their black shift dress come winter.

7. Evening bike rides with friends

The nights are still balmy, and Sydney is such a beautiful city that I've only half explored. If I didn't have to get up in the morning, I'd bike around 'til the wee hours taking photos of the city lights and stopping for picnics by the water. This week I'm hoping to trade in my bicycle this week for a new (second hand) one which actually fits my frame, I'm pretty excited.

8. Buying Self Service for the first time

I've always read Self Service thanks to generous friends and scans on the internet, but for the first time I actually brought an issue. It's one hearty magazine, and you would hope so for $49.95. But the french biannual does not disappoint. As a photographer, I can't help but imagine what it would be like to create such dreamy imagery, not to mention work with such incredible creative teams.

9. Leopard print

Leopard print can be so wrong, or so right. And these Dieppa Restrepo loafers from My Chameleon are everything that is right about leopard print - so understated and the perfect antidote to my monochrome wardrobe.

10. Vietnamese food

Asian food is my all time favourite, and Vietnamese goes straight to the top of the list. We have two really great Vietnamese restaurants literally just around the corner from our place, and I would go there every night if I could. My standard order? A traditional Hoi-An pancake, prawn rice paper rolls topped off with Vietnamese fish dumpling soup.

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