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things we love in september

Every month we're going to share a few things that are making us happy right now. Our creative director Brenda has picked her favourites for September; from glitter to the fast approaching summer to cups (and cups, and cups) of tea.

1. My levis denim jacket from Ebay - Nothing is as satisfying as finding that perfect denim piece, preferably 2nd hand and from the 90’s. The wash, the colour and worn bleached edges. It has to be just right, it has to feel just right. Its funny that I have just repurchased the same outfit I was wearing when I was 15, just minus the attitude.

2. Glitter – I am a magpie and am drawn to shiny, glittery things. I always have been, and probably always will be. But right now Miu Miu has made it acceptable to say it out loud. There's something about glitter that just raises the spirits of everyone who sees it.

Miu Miu campaign shot by Bruce Weber

3. The thought of summer - I know, I know. It's only September 6. We've still got a little way to go. But oh those blue skies, that bright sun, that blanket of heat! It's coming. And I am so excited.

4. Pink in all shades - I am not a girly girl, nor am I really a tomboy. I think a lot of people would say I am a girly girl because of my long hair and the fact that I look very much like a girl. But, I am very low maintenance and never really wear any makeup apart from mascara or the odd bright lip. (I really want to master the cat eye, but thinking about trying to apply it five minutes before I have to run out of the house is really not the answer) But right now I am mad on pink, all shades, all textures in all things. Like the Acne shopping bags - that salmon pink is so perfect. It's pretty without being saccharine, and very, very cool.

5. The Department Store – This retail experience just makes you want to lay down some serious cash! I saw things there in my recent trip that I had seen a dozen times before and never really wanted. But this place puts everything in a different light, makes items seem more cool, more appealing and converts everything into a need rather than a want. All shopping should be this good.

6. Lanchoo Tea – I am a serious tea drinker. No bag for me, ever. I can just taste that paper, cardboard taste a mile off. Everything must go into the cup in the correct order. I have a special cup, china, and a special Teapot, glass, and I only ever use one brand of soy milk, bonsoy and one brand of tea, Lanchoo. I am not a tea snob, because even though I am very particular about things. Lanchoo is quite possibly the most inexpensive leaf tea you can buy. And I love it! So much that there has to be at least 4 cartons in the house at one time. Tea has very real restorative power. It's the perfect balm for melancholy and the best accompaniment for friendship.

we love Minato's flickr stream filled with the most beautiful, quiet and still images of food and drink.
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