8:42 am


The other day we got a tweet from blogging Queen Sara of Harper and Harley, telling us that she had just seen our new collection for next winter and that she loved the blush pink Kodi bag that we're doing. Well, Sara, we love the blush pink Kodi too. In fact, we love all things pink. It was one of the inspirations colour-wise for the new collection and we love the in-built contradictions of it. On the one hand, pink can be subtle, stunning, sublime, a tea party, a macaron, a flower, on the other it can be all brash, The Only Way is Essex star Amy Childs; in-your face and attention grabbing. Pink was one of our favourite things in september, and we stand by what we said then. There's something quite remarkable about pink and its ability to be so alluring to everyone, tomboys, girly-girls, old and young. It's equal parts the three-year-old in her fairy costume and equal parts, well, the Acne Shopping Bag and all that entails. Which is many things, but never a fairy costume (although that would be pretty cool, no?). 

Here are some of the different, delicious shades of pink that you'll be able to find in our new winter collection. We'll be posting more soon, but for now let's just celebrate that most wonderful of colours.

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