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BENAH LOVES | Stonefox

photos: benah

We love magazines and are obsessed with searching out new titles on the radar, which is why we're so excited to get our hands on Stonefox. It's a fresh publication hot-off-the-press with fantastic editorials with straight-haired, intense-eyed looks like Tati Cotliar and Dempsey Stewart, as well as short features with "people about town" like Romy Frydman, Gary Bigeni and Christine Thornton. "Dedicated to the free spirit of creativity", we love the pared back, muted-tone beauty that is portrayed within its pages, a beauty that is bronze-limbed, and barefoot, and wearing baggy jeans. The whole publication has a spirit of celebration to it as well as simplicity. Celebration sometimes seems like it only comes in one form - shiny disco pants and bold type face. It's easy to forget that celebration can be simple, too.

Also, check out our Ryder sandals in black featured in the "Charlotte" editorial styled by Nadene Duncan and photographed by Christopher Ferguson. The sandals in black should be available online very soon (only tan and ivory up there at the moment), but until then if you're interested in purchasing them just email . Get in quick for summer! The Ryder sandals are fast becoming our staple shoe. Check out the other colours here.
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