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ART | George Byrne: Instant

This month at Sydney's newly opened Chasm Gallery, Australian-born LA artist George Byrne returns to his hometown to present Instant, an exhibition documenting his LA story. 

Byrne makes use of the bold colours and perfect symmetry of Los Angeles' urban landscape, and as the name of the exhibition suggests, has cleverly captured all images for Instant on his iPhone.

                                                                        Photos | George Byrne Instagram

Byrne, also brother to actress Rose Byrne, describes LA as sun-drenched and beautiful sometimes, but at other times fascinatingly vast and ugly.

A limited number of prints are available to purchase (framed or unframed) from Chasm Gallery. With their palettes of muted pinks to bold blues, the photographs would make a stunning addition to any contemporary interior.

Sydney: Chasm Gallery. 26 July- 5 August
Melbourne: I Dream a Highway. 7-11 August

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