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ART | Philographics

Philographics merges the world of philosophy with beautiful design and is the creation of graphic designer Genis Carreras. Originally started as a kickstarter campaign, it explains big ideas with simple, striking shapes and colours.

FINALISM -The assertion that any event is defined by a pre-set final outcome, and that all events leading up to that outcome are shaped by it.

ABSOLUTISM - The position that within a particular school of thought, all different perspectives are either absolutely true or absolutely false

HEDONISM - The ethical position that pleasure is the ultimate and greatest good, and should be the central aim of all decisions made.

RELATIVISM - The assertion that no belief can be said to have absolute truth, having value only within a certain contact or frame of reference
The 95 designs and can be purchased either as a book  or as individual prints.
In the words of Confucius 'Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated'
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