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We are currently enamored by the exceptionally well-crafted and delicate works of Dutch ceramicist, Kirstie Van Noort.

Her collection ‘6:1’ was created using the colour, texture and structure of discarded clay. The ratio reflects the high level of waste in the porcelain making process, which Van Noort makes use of and explains ‘creates an extra dimension of beauty’.

Her ‘Collection Cornwall’ is inspired by Van Noort’s trip to Cornwall in the UK, where she travelled to research about the porcelain and mining industry. A vast colour of soft pinks, beiges and rich browns sprawl over the rugged landscapes of Cornwall - the result of abandoned mines and piles of discarded materials.

Van Noort has applied this palette to her collection, developing a harmoniously soft colour chart made from samples from the Cornwall area that she has cleverly turned into paint.

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