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BENAH LOVES | Up-cycling

Up-cycling is a new-age word that is taking young creatives by storm. To describe it briefly, up-cycling is the process of converting discarded and otherwise useless items into new materials of better quality or of more personal value. In more recent years it has become a way for us to get a little creative, learn new hands-on SIY skills in regards to interiors, design, art or even fashion - all in the name of sustainability mind you!

Adriana Picker is an artist and designer from Sydney who believes in the concept that injecting a little love into an otherwise forgotten product can result in something beautiful. She is most commonly known for her whimsical botanical illustrations, but on top of these delicately rendered drawings this all-round creative girl also specializes in photographic art direction and refined textile design and it is the latter that has caught our attention.

A few years ago, the young artist began adopting recycled mid-century Australian furniture (in particular the chairs manufactured by Featherston and Fler) and restoring them to her unique standards. As the story goes, Adriana saved two Wrightbuilt armchairs from a life of op-shops by inviting them into her home. She then digitally printed her own designs onto silk poplin and reupholstered the pieces to be displayed permanently in her apartment. It's always nice to bring new life and contemporary styling to pieces which would otherwise be forgotten or discarded. We say 'yes' to a hands-on project like this, and to creative girls doing it for themselves!
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