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BENAH LOVES | Selexyz Dominicanen

It's no secret that we worship books. They are beautifully crafted vessels of infinite information, refined thought, stunning imagery, exquisite prose and timeless characters. It makes sense, then, to house these priceless objects in an equally important and thought-provoking setting. Enter the Selexyz Dominicanen  in the Netherlands, seriously amazing bookstore that has been converted from a church that was originally built in 1294. The thirteenth century? The mind boggles!

We're optimistic in our belief that book stores will still be a thing, regardless of growing sales of Kindles and iPads - a book with pages won't run out of battery and it ages just as we do. Maybe it's pages get a little tattered, or it's pictures a little faded, but it most certainly is a friend for life. Therefore, isn't it wonderful that there are still some existing, individual stores that truly are an experience to lose your self in... much like any good novel.
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