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BENAH LOVES | A-Poster-A-Day

New York based graphic designer and illustrator, Alex Proba recently committed to a new daily routine to with quite beautiful results. Her clever little idea: every day before the day ends, she would create a poster in less than 30 minutes. To the designer, this process has acted like a diary, a visual trigger of the day in which it was created.

Proba studied Spatial and Graphic Design in Hamburg, and she has also studied Furniture and Product Design in the Netherlands. And now, she currently spends her days as Art Director of Kickstarter, the online phenomenon that is funding thousands of creative projects every year.

This personal creative task of Proba’s has grown into the A-Poster-A-Day project, and it is attracting a lot of like-minded people, inspiring others to embark upon their own creative endeavors. and Proba has ambitions of turning the first 365 days worth of posters into a book. It is sure to be a colourful, quirky, and invigoratingly refined edition… and not a bad way to celebrate a year in the life!

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