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ART | Carly Waito

It’s hard to believe that these ultra-realistic images are painted. Photographs couldn’t even capture the nuanced colour play and intricacies that artist Carly Waito is able to. Based in Toronto and armed with a paintbrush, Waito was a graduate of Ontario’s College of Art and Design and even co-founded the ceramic art and design studio Coe & Waito (along with Alissa Coe in 2005). 
Waito, as a painter, continues to pursue the inspiration she finds in nature, focusing primarily on geology, geometry and light, three elements that marry beautifully by way of the crystals and minerals she depicts. Through her stunningly detailed painting, Waito offers the individual qualities, character and beauty of each specimen she has studied. An artist who is sure of her abilities, possessive of a clear vision, and one who has exhibited around the world is sure to have our attention. And Waito, in particular, reminds us that if we look closely enough, with a curious mind, we will find the magic in even the tiniest of nature’s gifts. 
Images via Carly Waito
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