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We have a little addiction here at Benah, that could be boardering on an obsession.
Books, books and more books!

Even though we live in the digital age, where print media is, aparently, dying a slow dead.
Nothing gets our pulse racing quite like the smell of a beauitful, old, rare, out of print, 1st edition book.

Here are some of our top three places for findings some gems.

one. Idea Books
This store is a recent discovery, and we are so glad we stummbled apon their instagram @ideabooksltd
Installed at Dover Street Market in London, it really deserves its number one spot.
Having so many with exceptionally scarce books and magazines, it feels like they got inside our head and curated the selection especially for us. 


two.  LN-CC
Also based in London,  LN-CC is a progressive retail concept comprising of clothing, music and a lot of amazing books.
Having a great online presence, it is well worth adding them to your social media circle.
Follow their instagram here @thelncc

three. EBay
Even though its been saturated with junk, you still can't go past EBay.
It may take some searching but it is still possible to get your hands on some amazing volumes, and it's especially good for children's books.

Here are some tips,
Download the app and remember to change your country settings out of Australia.
Always save 'Sellers' and never take 'No Shipping' to Australia as gospel.



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