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ART | Danny Heller

All images by Danny Heller
As part of our art theme on the blog this month we thought we should share the work of some of the creatives around the world that we admire and love. First up is Danny Heller, a painter steeped in realism, who focusses on his surroundings in Palm Springs, California. His works are so real, and yet with their dark shadows and prisms of light they also have an eerie, slightly surreal element to them. Focussing on the junctions between architecture and landscape, of sky and horizon and the sweeping lines of those Palm Springs bungalows, Heller's pictures capture a sense of history; it is easy to think that it is the 1960s that Heller is documenting and not the now. And this is part of the allure - creating history out of America's famously non-historic viewpoint. It's almost like a personal history, the architecture or foundations of your own grand narrative, the kind that starts in a plain house in your home town, with a car out the front and a family inside. All of us have these own narratives and these own stories to tell, and we think this is what draws us to Heller's work the most; this sense of storytelling in his dramatic, cinematic images.

What artists do you love? Do you have any favourites you would like to see on the blog in our series?
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