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Our fourth guest gift guide comes from another of our great friends - and a guy! why not - Rohan, one half of one of our favourite creative duos, Badlands studio. Rohan is famous for his incredible style so we knew he would have a fantastic wish list, and this assortment of Pierre Hardy sneakers, oil-slick watches and art deco lighters does him - and us - proud. Read through for Rohan's christmas picks! 

one. Pierre Hardy sneakers - one and two

I love sneakers. They're basically all I wear, but I need some new ones. Pierre Hardy sneakers look amazing and these two are a bit different. Velvet & Leopard aren't my usual go-to finishes but maybe this year's the year.

two. A watch

I've not worn a watch for a decade or so but I'm wanting to get back into it. This Junghans x Max Bill black-faced chronograph is beautiful, and I want to go to there.

three. A bag


I've been banging on about this Monocle x Porter bag for years but have never got round to actually purchasing the thing. Somehow I feel that if i get it i'll be compelled to become a jet-set traveller who's never in one place for more than a week, only carries one change of clothes, yet always manages to look amazing. I blame this on the fashion stories in Monocle.

four. Typography books - one and two

I love Type as much as Denholm Reynholm loves the word 'Team'. These books are filled with the stuff. And that's just great.

five. An ST Dupont gold lighter


I very nearly bought one of these at the start of the year, but then didn't. True story. I don't smoke but there's just something about a gold Dupont lighter that I love. Especially the 'ping' noise they make when you open them.

six. M/M Paris poster


This is the letter S from M/M Paris' Alphabet series with Inez & Vinoodh. It's a massive screenprinted poster. I feel it would look amazing in the minimal loft apartment I don't have.

Look at it. It's ridiculous.
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