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Third in our gift guide series for this season is public relations dynamo Lia-Belle, a great friend of ours who is the director of agency Our Kingdom. We love her mixture of the realistic (Jo Malone cologne and a panama hat) alongside evenings with Grimes and the perfect vintage sofa. Read through for Lia-Belle's christmas picks!

 For as long as I can remember I have always wanted a sumptuous velvet lounge. I love how they emote feelings of luxury and can be placed amongst more contemporary or even retro pieces yet always remain the focal point of a room. This piece in particular resonates as it’s my favourite colour. If I ever get married I want my wedding dress to be duck egg or powder blue. 

two. Panama hat 

Classic, easy to pack, ages gracefully. With a slim brim and black grosgrain ribbon. 

 I love anything roses and I’m fresh out of perfume. It’s soft and sweet with a light spiciness. I partner with Kiehls white musk for my own take on a slightly-old fashioned scent. Sometimes I like to spritz my bed before I go to sleep too. Note: If it’s a hot day instead of wearing perfume I’ll lather on some Jurlique rose oil. It wears well on your skin and doesn’t dissipate during the day. 

four. This hair

That is all. 

Ryan is making this style for me but in a brilliant sapphire blue and without the pearls. I always wear red lipstick and I have fair skin so I think it will look quite striking. 

six. Prada wallet 

My current Prada pochette I have been using as a wallet/clutch and it’s definitely seen better days. I’m so picky with wallets though I haven’t come across one I have really liked…until now. It’s simple, not too obvious with the branding, the leather is patent saffiano so it won’t scratch too easily, dark lining so it won’t show coin marks. And it can fit my phone. Winner. 

Because I find this very impressive. I would love to watch her hand gestures during a conversation and just to see how she is in person. I have never really felt a connection to a musician/band before but Grimes haunts me in the best way possible. 

eight. Anders Krisár Flesh Clouds


To be honest I don’t own a single piece of legit art, but if I was to invest it would be in an Anders Krisár piece from his Flesh Clouds series. Each piece in the series renders an amorphous haze of a figure. In this piece you can it above the bed. The figure is actually Krisár naked and in motion, captured in an extended exposure time.

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