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BENAH LOVES | The Decorum

We love finding new sites that are doing exciting and creative things in the world of fashion and design. And we love it even more when those sites are from Australia! At the moment we can't get enough of The Decorum, founded by 5 lovely ladies who share a love of fashion, lifestyle, food and sydney, and share this love in posts every day on their site. They're doing everything from mini-shoots and editorials to flat lay posts, fashion commentary and recipes (we love the look of those brownies!). The Decorum encapsulates something we already knew, but maybe needed a little help to acknowledge. That there's more to life than just fashion, and that sometimes everything that goes on in the everyday - breakfast in bed, or flowers on the weekend, or watching a fashion show on an ipad - can be just as exciting as the real thing. You better bookmark The Decorum for constant lifestyle inspiration!

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