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BENAH LOVES | Double breasted suits

We've often mused on our abilities to pick trends. First it was camouflage and reflective sunglasses - pretty much all over the street style scene this season! - and now we're going to call it. Double breasted blazers. So you don't think they're anything new, and you'd be right. Double breasted blazers haven't come out of nowhere. But there's something that we love about them right now in this moment, whether it be their mix of masculine and feminine qualities, their structure and simplicity, and their poise and polish. We love the women who can rock a double breasted blazer paired with unexpected elements - Yasmin Sewell is the master of this - like ripped denim, messy hair, or sheer shirts. It's the element of surprise that makes it so fantastic. So classic, yet so able to be given a modern, personal twist.

We're thinking that this summer will be all about the double breasted blazer and denim shirts. We'd love one in cream or navy to wear with our trusty summer staples (how great would one look with the Dries Van Noten dip-dye jeans?), a few limits cuffs and a Lisa Lock bag in Burgundy or Tan. What do you think about the double breasted blazer?
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