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THINGS WE LOVE | September

Tiffany Jeans is the impeccably stylish Creative Director of candle label Curio Noir; a collection of intricate handmade candles with curious and peculiar smells such as Tobacco Night and Vetyver bouquet, all housed in delicate hand-blown glass jars or fashioned in the shape of dolls' heads. As fans of all things scent and fragrance we have fallen in love with Tiffany's range and her fantastical, eyes-wide-open outlook on fashion and life.  We're so excited to have her curating a top 10 this month! You can find Curio Noir products in Australia at Incu and online at My Chameleon, and you can see more of Curio Noir on facebook or on Tiffany's instagram account.

photos by Tiffany Jeans
one. My daily mantra.... 

Kristine Crabb makes beautifully constructed clothes out of hand dyed silks and wool. I have thrashed the Fortune Coat this winter, along with every other piece I own of hers and always get amazing comments when I wear them. A girl loves a good comment every now and then. This September, the Festival In The Desert Romper arrives in store. I love the bold use of colour (there are different colour ways) and I love the feeling of silk on my skin, especially when the weather is warm....decadence.

I keep this book open on a table in my home so my family and friends can flick through it any time to cast their eyes on some of his wonderful creations. Such ambitious ideas filled with such inspiration. I'm always taken to a land far, far away with these truly inspiring visuals. 

I think this is such a beautiful table lamp. Made from hand blown opal (at Curio Noir we love hand blown glass) with beautiful brass detail. In my top 10 'wants' for this month from Simon James Concept Store. While you're there, check out Simon James' Wedding Journal. I've already had a wedding but still like to gaze over their little inspirations for those planning their special day. And then there is Jessica McCormack's to die for jewellery.....

 four. All films by Jean Pierre Jeunet 

I love his films and this September I want to rewatch three of my all time faves, Amelie, A Very Long Engagement and Delicatessen. So funny. So sad. So inspiring. So dark. So pretty. So clever. So French. 

 six. W magazine - September Issue 

This magazine has been a monthly staple in my home since I was in my teens. I love so many magazines but W is a magazine I will always be faithful to. They have styled and shot knowns and unknowns in a fashion some would have never dreamed of doing. I'm always inspired by this mag and the infamous September issue is always next level. 

seven. Yoga and Pilates

Coming out of the colder months of the year excites and motivates me to get back in to my healthier ways. It's the sunshine, the days getting lighter and longer and September's Spring blooms showing their beauty. I have studied Yoga and Pilates along with body anatomy over the past few years and the amazingness they do to the body and mind are limitless. Starting off with proper breathing oxygenates the blood and nourishes the body, expels toxins from the body, improves circulation and skin tone, aids in safe and effective stretching and, among other benefits, calms the mind and body. 

Here is an easy breathing exercise that is great to start and/or end your day. Sit cross legged on the floor or lie on a mat, knees bent with your feet hip width apart. Gently place your hands on either side of your ribcage. Relax the shoulders. Release any tension you may have in the neck. Relax the muscles in the face and the rest of the body. Imagine a piece of string is attached to the crown of your head and it is gently lifting, lengthening and creating space between the vertebrae of the spine. If you are sitting, feel you are sitting tall. If you are lying, feel the spine lengthening the body along the mat. Softly close your eyes. Breathe in through your nose feeling the ribcage widening beneath your hands. Then exhale softly through the nose or lips and feel the ribcage gently compress down. With each breathe you may find you will be able to inhale more fresh clean air, and with each exhale you will release more toxins. Continue this exercise feeling the body reach deeper relaxation. Try to do daily for a few minutes at a time and enjoy the benefits! 

The dark beauty he created with his work was always too beautiful and too amazing to eyes would well up when I watched his shows. I was a young teen when I found him, definitely one of my best finds. Forever in my top 10, may he RIP. 

nine. Dermalogica face and body care 

I rarely wear foundation and I find as I am now in my 30's it is important to me to care for my skin more than I ever have before. I like fresh skin. I love Dermalogica skin care (as you can see...obsessed much!). My favourite products are the Multivitamin Thermofoliant, Skin Hydrating Booster and Total Eye Care. I am especially proud Dermalogica drive the FITE campaign. FITE is designed to foster Financial Independence Through Entrepreneruship by supporting women in the third world and providing access to small loans to help these amazing women start a business or grow their existing business. For more info visit 

ten. The Lilith Doll

My daughter Lilith turns 10 this September and we will be lighting The Lilith Doll every night this September. Such a beautiful light at night! 

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