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BENAH LOVES | Amanda Reardon

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We love Amanda Reardon's work - creative and playful, she creates perfect editorial makeup looks for some of our favourite local and international publications. So we were excited to read that she had been profiled by a fantastic site, The Design Files. We love the Design Files for all the incredible lifestyle inspiration - from apartment design to interviews, profiles (like this one on the incredible German-based illustrator Rilla Alexander) and recipes - and this profile on the lovely Amanda is no exception.

"My job as the makeup artist is to bring a vision, an idea to life, and to give it my visual signature," Amanda told The Design Files. "I am all about the skin looking beautiful and I spend most of my makeup time on skin alone. Creating a natural flawless finish to the skin is the blank canvas for the rest of my work." We love this quote and what it signifies - makeup as a form of artistry. Amanda's advice for aspiring creatives is also in tune with our own; get as much work experience as you can and learn on the job. We love it when creatives working in the industry share have such inspiring success stories, and Amanda's is definitely one of those, (plus, we love that she named Benah one of her favourite Australian labels, thanks Amanda!)

See the full interview here and follow her on her blog and instagram.

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