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It's mother's day today. It seems like as good a time as any to think about the role of mothers, and be so, so, so grateful for everything they have done for us. There are really no words to say thank you for all the love and time that they spend with us, when we were kids and now. They constantly reinforced how wonderful it was to be us, and we are so grateful for this, as with so many unsaid things. They believe in us, always, and they are our role models and heroes all through life, and this takes on a whole new meaning when we become mothers ourselves.

If you are a mum, thinking of becoming a mum or just want to watch the most wonderful film. We recommend sitting down with a very big box of tissues to watch The Help. Such a heart warming, beautiful film about growing up, childhood and the important roles people play in our lives.

For some more mum lovin' this mother's day, check out two incredible online features. The first being Refinery 29's profile of 8 stylish and beautiful mums with their kids (including the lovely Jade from Arnsdorf!). The second is one of our personal favourite websites of all time. The Glow is kind of like The Selby, but with mums and their kids. Enough said.
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