7:52 pm

BENAH LOVES | The artist formerly known as

We might be going to a Prince concert. We might be. And we're hoping with every fibre of our being that we do go because is there seriously anything better in this whole wide world than the artist formerly known as? Look at that hair! Those pants! Those little hip thrusts! And name one male artist today who would pair a cropped skivvy singlet with a studded leather jacket. We love it. And since there were plenty of 80s-redux fitted crop tops stomping down those MBFWA runways we reckon that Prince is having a bit of a comeback. Better start doing those stomach crunches... Eh not really. who can be bothered to think about that when there are Prince concerts to go to?? Hopefully those ticket-giving Gods that have promised us a ticket come through so we can groove to this tomorrow...
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