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BENAH LOVES | Out of Africa

Out of Africa screencaps - source

We watched this on the weekend and it was every bit as fantastic as we remembered. There are almost too many things to say about this movie, but here are a few. Meryl Streep's complete and utter radiance - those cheekbones! that hair! that glow! The fantastic turn-of-the-century costumes, that move from Karen's formal dresses into the relaxed chinos and linen shirts and polished knee-high boots of safari-living. The beautiful score, soaring and majestic and the perfect match for the film's incredible cinematography and shots of wide, brown Africa. The way Karen would wear her scarf tied across her body. The love story. The hair-washing scene. Oh, and Robert Redford. Of course. The original hunk, the golden boy, the free spirit, the heart-and-soul of the film. And he even took the gramophone on safari...
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