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BENAH LOVES | Wes Anderson Palettes

The only thing better than a Wes Anderson movie is a Wes Anderson colour palette. Everything in a Wes Anderson movie is so detailed: every prop and every costume in every shot looks exactly the way it looks for a reason. The colours in his movies are no different: they always highlight or draw attention to something, and always come together on screen in a harmony that it so easy to watch. We stumbled on Wes Anderson Palettes today - a site that draws out the key colours in a Wes Anderson scene and matches it with a line of dialogue - and pored over some of their selections. We loved the blue and pink Mendl's boxes from The Grand Budapest Hotel, Margot lighting her cigarette in The Royal Tenenbaums and Steve about to set off in search of the killer shark in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

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