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photos: Benah

We love to eat out and we love to find new places to try, and so it was a happy day when we discovered Cafe Dov in Potts Point. We were actually just trying to get back to our car and make sure we didn't have any tickets - as per our New Year resolutions - when we noticed a cloud of greenery shrouding over a few tables in a garage on a quiet side street. It was one of those perfect Potts Point days, sunny and hot, the kind that make you want to give it all up to drink coffee all day and live in one of those massive four-storey terrace houses that line Victoria Street. We loved the fairy lights that were strung around the walls and the leafy, lush green surrounds - we spied herbs and budding strawberries, just waiting to be ripe. There was something very nice about not only eating outside, but eating amidst all that green. Outdoor eating as nature intended it, a picnic but at a table, the definition of the phrase "al fresco". We had a delicious sweet potato and chicken salad and a chicken, aioli and rocket turkish sandwich washed down with a host of different ginger drinks (ginger fizz or apple, carrot and ginger juice). We can't wait to go back again! 

What are your favourite hidden restaurants and cafes?
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