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BENAH LOVES | Susie bubble

This fashion week has been so exciting for us. Three of our fashion favourites - Natalie Joos, Caroline Issa and now Susie Lau of the OG fashion blog Style Bubble - have been wearing Benah bags and getting style-snapped as they go. We've always been a big fan of Susie and her irreverent, eccentric take on fashion. We loved the post she did on us way back when - she taught us a thing or two about new ways to tie scarves! We can't think of a better person to be toting around our Alex Ipad wallet in Pistachio - Susie is the ultimate techno-babe and no stranger to bright colour. We love how modern she looks here; It's all about pattern blocking, candy-coloured sneakers, a miniature bag and an arm full of technology. 

Alex Ipad Wallet available from our online store. Leather and Leather/Canvas. Oh, and we ship worldwide!
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