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BENAH LOVES | Caroline Issa

We know what it's like when you fall in love with an accessory. You wear it once, you wear it twice, you wear it three times in a row until suddenly you're reaching for it without even thinking and you're wearing it with everything, even when it doesn't go, because you just can't part with it. We think that Caroline Issa is going through the same thing, she was seen three days in a row during Milan Fashion Week wearing her pistachio mini kodi suede bag with gold chain. It was one of our favourites from this season and we're not surprised that she wore it so much in Milan - it's a gelato-coloured confection of a bag that just screams Summer. We think Caroline has the best style - classic with a modern edge - and still can't quite believe that she loves our bag. We think it suits her perfectly, a balancing point for her quirky prints and touches of colour, all topped off with a bright red lip. Seeing the little kodi all over, grazia it and cafe mode has been incredible. Wow. We really are speechless. Thanks Caroline for loving and wearing our bag. We think you look fantastic.

We've sold out of the pistachio Kodi, but our good friends over at Mychameleon still have some. The it-colour for Summer!
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