6:41 pm

BENAH LOVES | Pale Ryder

We are really excited - and so proud! - to share with you the teaser trailer for our campaign film. It was shot by (our favourite person) Ben Briand and features Isabella of The Preachers and actor Sam Smith discussing destiny and fate. Our current season collection is called "Pale Ryder" and was heavily influenced by the style and aesthetic of The Preachers and their song "Pale Rider", which plays throughout this trailer. There is a beautiful, quite awesome free-spirit feeling about them, of bare feet and un-brushed hair and fringed suede. Pale Ryder became a meditation on these ideas of our pasts, our presents, our futures, of where we came from and where we are going, of control, of forward motion. We worked around ideas of fate and destiny in the design process, and later in collaboration with Ben while making this film. What is the driving force of our lives? Is there a grand plan, or are we the masters of our destinies? We're going to be launching the full video next week, but for now enjoy the teaser trailer. Stay tuned to the blog for more information about our collaboration!
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