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THE AGE OF COLLAGE - Contemporary Collage in Modern Art

Publisher: Gestalten / Berlin
Pages: 288
Cover: Hard
Publication Date: August 2013
Language: English

Whats not to love about collage? It is a juxtapose of images that forces the viewer to rethink the ideas first associated with each visual. Seemingly innocent images are layered and paired with others that often stretch their meanings into unfamiliar territory.
Collages are part of our daily lives. We are flooded by images every day. Some touch us only briefly; others are burned into our memory' - Silk Krohn

The Age of Collage is a striking documentation of today's continued appetite for destructive construction. Showcasing outstanding current artwork and artists, the book also takes insightful behind-the scenes look at those working with this interdisciplinary and cross-media approach. The collages featured in this book are influenced by illustrations, painting, and photography and play with elements of abstraction, constructivism, surrealism and dada. Referencing scientific images, pop culture, and erotica, they reflect humanity's collective vital memory and context. Through confident cuts, brushstrokes, mouse clicks, or pasting, the work in The Age of Collage gives the impossible a tangible form. It expands the possibilities of the genre while turning our worldview on its head along the way. - SuperSalon

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