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One of our favourite reads. Simple, beautiful, clean and concise in design; The Travel Almanac is more of a book then magazine as its timeless content deserves to be preserved on the book shelf for future reads. 

Aimed at a generation of sophisticated travellers within the creative community, The Travel Almanac is a NY/Berlin publication available bi-annually. With interviews at its core, Editor Paul Kominek had this to say about the content philosophy in an interview with Stack Magazines

"Lets just speak to people that we love - cultural icons who are really interesting - but let's talk to them about subjects they aren't asked about constantly. This is why our interviews with those well-known personalities usually are much more personal and intimate than the average interview. Travelling habits and experiences say a lot about a person and are at the same time very universal and thus make for a great way to break the ice in a conversation."

With the current roll call of cover stars like David Lynch, Matthew Barney, Willem Dafoe, & Harmony Korine is great to see Gia Coppola take center stage for Issue 7. Be sure to pre-order the new issue now for shipping on the 5th of May

The Travel Almanac
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