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ART | Amalia Pica

We are always going to celebrate strong, dedicated women with a clear vision, and Argentinian artist, Amalia Pica fits this description to a tee. Born in Argentina and based in London, Pica often explores notions of communication and metaphor through her diverse range of work. In 2013, the MCA of Chicago exhibited the artist’s first major solo show in the United States, which included fifteen of her most significant work in addition to new and exciting commissions. Using deceptively simple materials such as photocopies, light bulbs, glasses, and bottles and cardboard, Pica creates work that is both formally beautiful and conceptually robust. She considers the connections between the sending of human messages and the making of an artwork, and the often-childish desire to be understood. In her eyes, the fact that we strive for sympathy (even if our good intentions are misconstrued) is a beautiful thing. 

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