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BENAH LOVES | Natalie Joos

There aren't many people in the world who can pull of high-collared sleeveless blouses, stripey baseball caps and metallic wrap mini skirts. And there is only one person who can pull all of that off and finish the outfit with our mini Kodi bag in a futuristic silver (keep your eyes peeled for this one next season!) and matching gunmetal grey Limits cuffs. And that person is Natalie Joos. The casting director, street-style favourite and incredible blogger over at Tales of Endearment has some of the best style in the business - what with her slightly kooky approach to colour and prints and her sunny, cheerful take on fashion. We love a girl who doesn't take it all too seriously - the kind who would pair hot-off-the-runway Ellery with a cheap tourist's cap from Bondi Beach. And we're very glad that Natalie loves us right back
Anyone who knows us will attest that we're secretly magpies. We love anything shiny, reflective, sparkly and eye-catching. (Reflective sunglasses? Holographics? Glitter? It was one of our favourite things in September). Which is why we love the many varieties of silver that have wormed their way into our collections both this season and next. From brushed silver Limits cuffs to this incredible almost-matte mini Kodi, there's more than enough to build a spaceship. And why not pair them all together like Natalie? Do you like metallics as much as we do?
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