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READ | Book of Odes

Quiet, still and undemonstrative are but a few words to describe the black-and-white beauty that Chinese artist, Taca Sui, captures. Pictures of landscapes, statues and rivers enclose their possible meanings to the viewer; instead what remains is purity, one echoing that of nature itself.
Sui’s Book of Odes is the published collection of these photographs, all of which refer to ancient poems within Chinese culture, understood to be the first recorded works of oral poets gathered from rural China by the philosopher, Confucius. Each of these short, nuanced poems, were intended to produce attentive listening, acute observations, and a reflection upon nature that have been corresponded seamlessly into Sui’s Odes, bringing the ancient into the now Modern China.

You can see Taca Sui’s work at Artspace as part of the 19th Biennale of Sydney, from 21st March – 9th June 2014. 
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