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READ | Here Art Grows On Trees

Here at Benah, we hold books as of utmost importance. They are vehicles for imagination, creativity, and most importantly knowledge and expanding our sense of self. Also with a soft spot for the visual arts, it is a true joy when these two mediums join forces to create something truly wonderful. Enter, Here Art Grows On Trees, the beautifully rendered monograph of artist Simryn Gill.
Sydney-based film and design collective, Collider, was commissioned to create the identity and supporting materials for Australia’s representation at the 55th International Art Exhibition at La Biennale di Venezia just last year, and the team spent six months working with Gill to better understand her practice. Following this, the dream-team of creative individuals commissioned curator Catherine de Zegher to punctuate and edit the 300-page catalogue and monograph, which was published by Belgian publishing house MER that same year.
A beautifully rendered book, Here Art Grows On Trees boasts a hard cover and stunning colour images, all paying tribute to the delicately sensitive art of Simryn Gill. 

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