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Skin care. I've always found it a strange area and never really found anything I've been able to stick with.
To be honest, I've never really been looking that hard either.

I grew up on a farm and my mother never really had or needed a huge cabinet of creams and lotions.
So by default I never subscribed to the idea of a daily cleanser or ritual moisturizing.

 Of the little creams etc I have tried; the've all felt strange never knowing if they were working or not.
I do think I have quite  sensitive skin but I'm still not sure? I've always wondered if its down to the fact that I never use anything, therefore my skin is simply so virginal and would react at anything. Or yes, I do actually fall into the sentitive skin category.

Over the years I have always thought I should start doing something more than a quick lick of soap in the shower.
Well, that time has now come.

Let me introduce you to 

My first contact with the brand was at Karla Spetic's fashion week show back in April.
I received a sample of the Toleriane Ultra Intense soothing care cream in her goodie bag.
After a week of using this I promptly bought some eye cream and cleanser.
Let me just say up front, I have no ties with this company and they are actually owned by Loreal.
But after all these years, I've been converted to a regular skin care regime. Day and night.
My skin is clearer, cleaner, brighter and simply better. The biggest difference I have noticed is the fine lines around my eyes, they actually do look reduced and the whole area seems to be firmer.

I'm not an expert and it's still early days, but it's made me into a believer and the best thing is the is doesn't break the bank either.


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