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ART | Miso For Chanel

Miso, or Stanislava Pinchuk, is a Ukraine-born artist establishing her practice across the urban fronts of both Melbourne and Tokyo. Beginning her work as a street artist, Pinchuk now incorporates illustration, tattooing, photography and design into her work. She often works with finely cut paper, resulting in quite ephemeral artworks and experiences. she has been acquired by and exhibited in the quite prestigious locations of the National Gallery of Victoria, the National Portrait Gallery and the National Gallery of Australia, and now she adds Chanel to her impressive list of collaborators and clients.

The intricately cut paper is masterfully crafted into a Parisian shop front, and accompanies some her of her detailed illustrations in Chanel's Flinders Lane boutique in Melbourne. It stands true to the sprawling history of Chanel, existing in pure black and white, which Coco Chanel herself perceived to be the ultimate in balance. However, the delicacy, and the nuanced consideration is all Pinchuk's own. Hopefully it will be a permanent addition to the boutique, because it certainly adds a certain je ne sais quoi!
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