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ART | Francis Bacon

We are having a bit of an 'art' moment here at Benah HQ, and something that is propelling that obsession is the Francis Bacon exhibition that has just opened at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. We can't wait to head over and see it for ourselves next week - we've heard that it is amazing on a whole other level, with international-standard curation and an incredible array of works spanning Bacon's entire career. The anticipation is driving us crazy. We've always found something quite eerily beautiful about Bacon's work. It's visceral and it's in your face and it's quite confronting but most importantly you feel something rather than nothing, which, we guess, is kind of the whole point of art, isn't it?

Some of our favourite artworks by Bacon - like his self portraits and his triptychs - are going to be on display and we're really excited to see them. We love the ritual of going to art galleries - the arrival, the atmosphere, the quiet, the contemplation, the mood-lighting, the gift shop. It's one of the many funny, slightly surreal moments of modern living that we are so fond of.

Find out more about the exhibition here. Let us know if you've been already and what you thought about the exhibition!

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