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What do you want for Christmas? Books, DVDs, perfume? Or something a bit more out of place, like DNA kits or breakfast trays? Because it's November and we're forward planners we've been thinking about gifts a lot recently, and we thought we'd get some of our friends and family to share their ultimate gift guides for the year. First up is our Creative Director Brenda!

Of course I've seen some episodes, and of course I know that general story line of the show. But I haven't seen all of the episodes and never in chronological order. This is the show that started it all. Debuting in 1999 (that's over a decade ago people) The Sopranos was the first cable TV show ever to win an emmy for drama and has open the flood gates for all those shows we love today. In its time was considered the most financially successful show in the history of cable, and some say the best show if all time. Which is probably the reason it's never in the bargain bin, or being sold at JBHI for $9.99.

Before I had a baby the beach for me was all about planning. When I go to the beach, I intend to make a day of it. I need the umbrella, the fold out chair, the towel, the reading material, the food, the hydration liquids, sunscreen etc etc. Now, since Milla was born, well the planning has totally gone over the top. There are changes of clothes, many many snacks, hooded towels, baby towels, toys, beach balls, she even has her very own itty bitty fold out chair! I love these beach towels by Maslin&Co. Such a unique and quirky idea. Perfect for those long days at the beach and at the picnic. Plus it is something that I would never buy for myself. And with all that beach paraphernalia, the little leather carry straps are perfection! 

three. Ancestry DNA test

Ok this is a weird one. Again, not something I would buy myself. But SO fascinating! I'm not into finding some crazy long lost relatives or anything, just more about what makes up me. Being from New Zealand I know that I am a crazy mix of english and european something. But it would be amazing to know exactly what it is and where my family came from.

four. D.S and Durga perfume

I discovered this perfume brand while in NZ a couple of years ago. They have amazing names for their scents like Barbershop Burning and wonderful little stories that accompany them. A fire broke out in the Curling Bros. barbershop in Westlake, N.Y. in 1891. All the shaving tonics with their spearmint, lime, vanilla&lavender burned. A charred bottle was found half-full. It smelled like this. I actually bought my husband some of their cologne last year for Christmas from Simon James at The Department Store. Every time he wears it, which is pretty much everyday, it makes woman swoon and always get a lot of comments and compliments. So I thought it was time I got some as well! It seems that you can not get it here in Australia, but there are a few online stockist that ship internationally. Like the wonderful Needsupply. I wouldn't normally buy a scent when i hadn't even smelt it, but I would with these, thats how good they are!

five. Vanity Fair Subscription


 I am currently obsessed with reading this magazine right now. Yes, I'll still have my UK Vogue, Paris Vogue, Gentlewoman and Apartmento subscriptions. But Vanity Fair is on the list this year.

six. art, Art, ART

 I seem to be on an art rampage at the moment. I have been discovering a lot of amazing artists over the past couple of months. Some on them within my budget and some of them not. But I also made the discovery of Society6, which is a site with hundreds of different artist selling their work in various mediums. There is something for everyone here, and at really reasonable prices as well. They also ship internationally, yay! I really love the photographs of Kevin Russ and he sells through this site. I would love either of these

Anderson Lake by Kevin Russ

Winter Horses by Kevin Russ

 seven. Free blow-dries for a whole year

I have just acquired a fringe. We are still getting to know each other and I think Miss Blow-dry could help make this relationship stick.

eight. Karen Walker Cadet straw cap


I love this. Equal parts crazy/fun. I wonder which I will be when sporting it all over the beaches of New Zealand when I'm home for Christmas. Crazy? or fun? Hopefully I'll be both.

Happy Christmas! What are you wishing for this year? 
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