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BENAH LOVES | Ulyana Sergeenko

I've always been fascinated by immaculately groomed women. How do they find the time, the energy, the patience? I had a friend in my late teens who was like, even then. Chloe always had a full face of make up. But not over done, just perfectly enough for her beautiful face. I vividly remember the one time seeing her with out eye makeup and being slightly taken a back by the sight. She looked so different, her eyes so big, so wide, so vulnerable. It was then that i realized just how much make up she wore, every day. I remember feeling such respect for her, she was an artist in her own right. To be able to apply, wear and carry off all those layers without looking like a drag queen was something to be hold.

It was also then I realized there was no hope for me.

I am still mezmorized by these women and right now I think I'm having a russian moment.
Most of you would recognize Ulyana Sergeenko. She is quite the street style star, being shot at fashion weeks around the globe in her glamourised, modernised version of traditional russian chic - headscarves and all. For me, she is one of these ultimate glamorous women. She always looks immaculate. It's not really about the make up with her, it's the whole look. The dresses, the skirts, the hats, the scarves. Always so well put together, interesting and overwhelmingly beautiful. Strangely enough, she even looks like my old friend Chloe as well.

I only just discovered what she did through my new favourite street style site Citizen Couture. She is a photographer and designer and by the looks of it, best friends with other russian babes Natalia Vodianova and Miroslava Duma (also examples of perfectly made up yummy mummies). Check out her diary for candid photos and behind the scenes shooting with Russian Vogue.

I must admit, Russia the country hasn't really been on my radar as a place to visit. But after seeing the charmed lives of these beauties it definitely is now.

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