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We love any site that gets into the minds of creatives and shows us how they work, so it is no surprise that we are incredibly inspired by This is Collective. Started by Jess Steuart, an Australian expat in London, This is Collective profiles various people working in the fashion and design industries both at home and in the UK, with in-depth interviews, imagery and videos inside their studios and creative lifestyles. We were honoured to have been included when Jess interviewed our creative director Brenda, who will also be putting together "a day in the life" post for the This is Collective blog soon. Thank you for your kind words and inspiring site, Jess! Here is a little sneak peek of the interview:

Do your designs reflect your personal style?

The overall aesthetic of Benah is a reflection of my personal style. Its understated, not overpowering and you can quickly make it your own with personal touches. When you wear Benah, it contributes to your overall style, people see you and then they see the beautiful bag or scarf and it starts a conversation. For me it’s all about completion, not just about one item.
I am not a make up and hair girl, in fact I rarely wear make up and think the last foundation I ever bough was when I was 15. I love denim and frequently wear double denim; I love men’s shapes and silhouettes and buy a lot of vintage. I also love Givenchy, Stella McCartney and Christopher Kane.

Who is the Benah girl?

I tend to think of Benah as a personality and it changes slightly each season, but inside she is still the same girl. Benah is the girl standing in the corner. She may not be the first person you see, or even the second, you have to look for her. Most probably a close friend introduces you to her for the first time, the conversation is easy and it feels like you have meet before, this is someone you actually want to get to know. You find her intelligent, inspiring and maybe even a little aloof, but it’s enough to make her intriguing. You know that by the end of the night you have found a friend for life.

Read the full interview here.

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