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Our creative director Brenda has stepped up to the plate to nominate her top ten this month. Brenda is loving everything from name-sake jewellery to Stephen Fry, tunes from UK band Alpines and a creative collective workshop in Melbourne. What do you think of her list? 

I was so surprised and delighted to get a parcel in the post the other day from a dear friend who has recently relocated back to NYC. This is how I discovered Erica's special jewels. Her online store has a perfect combination of vintage estate and new pieces in a wide range of price points. I love the Brenda bracelet that I was given, so delicate and beautiful! 

 two. Wes Anderson - Moonrise Kingdom 

Wes Anderson has one of the biggest cult followings of any film director. His quirky offbeat characters seem to resonate with so many people and he manages to capture the true awkward nature of human beings. His films are also very beautiful to watch and always star a very select group of people that have no doubt become best friends. And this is why I admire Wes as a creative. Through and through he has managed to stay true to his style and vision, which at times can be very difficult in this big wide world. 

We have an instagram competition running till this Friday to win a double pass to see Moonrise Kingdom in Sydney on Saturday. To enter just post a picture of a cast member from Moonrise kingdom and tag and hashtag it @benah #benah

three. Stephen Fry

I recently watched this interview with Stephen Fry which I discovered thanks to Natalie from Magic surrounds. After watching this I then proceeded to spend the afternoon obsessively researching him on youtube and Google. Such a wise and funny man.

I love crafts, all types. I recently discovered Harvest Workroom through instagram and love the concept, ‘The Workroom is a versatile venue catering for textile and screen-printing classes, design markets, pop up shops, exhibitions, parties and events. Guest artists/makers from all over the world are also invited to teach workshops in their area of expertise at Harvest Workroom to engage the Melbourne community in making and creating in unique face-to-face situations with talented people from diverse fields. The Workroom also provides a unique studio access program for ex-students. Situated in the established textiles precinct of Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia the Harvest Workroom offers a venue for the wider community to learn, practice and promote screen-printing, textiles and design’ Its a shame that its in Melbourne so I haven’t actually been to one of their workshops, but they have definitely inspired me to get crafty. Plus having a two year old is such a great reason for me to visit my inner child, not that I needed one! Does anyone know of a similar venue here in Sydney? I’d love to hear if you do. 

Such great food, enough said! And they have $100 vouchers to give away on their facebook page. Breakfast burritos and all of that good stuff awaits!! 

 six. A patch of skye Blog 

Beautiful images, amazing inspiration. Everytime I go on this site I see something that inspires me - creatively, imaginatively, literally. Bookmark it now!

jessica stanley

 I was recently introduced to Jessica via email through a mutual friend, and I am very glad we made the connection. This has ended up with us working on things together and she recently did a wonderful London city guide for us. Jessica is such a smart, intelligent woman with so much to share. Her website is brimming with great, interesting links to what she is reading, seeing and thinking about. And what you should be as well, go and check it out. 

Miroslava is one hot muma! A former editor of Russian Harpers Bazaar, she is now a freelance writer, street style star and founder of style website Buro 24/7. In 2010 she became mummy to a beautiful baby boy and right now she is my ultimate style icon. She makes me want to cut my hair......  

nine. Alpines  

I’m a sucker for a strong female power vocalist and have fallen in love with the voice of Catherine Pockson of the Alpines. Along with Bob Matthews the Alpines formed in 2010 and have supported both The Naked and Famous and Florence and the machine. Also some of my favourite bands. Their video clips are so memorizing and beautiful, I love Cocoon and Empire the best.

 ten. Memento mori jewels 

Memento mori is a Latin phrase translated as "Remember your mortality", "Remember you must die" or "Remember you will die" It refers to a genre of artworks that vary widely but which all share the same purpose: to remind people of their mortality, I have always had quite a fascination for skulls, snakes and death and own quite a few artworks that somehow incorporate these ideas such as Sylvia Ji and Mark Ryden For quite some time I have been yearning for a Memento Mori Ring, preferably with lots of diamonds like this one.

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